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Welcome. This wiki is about the video game Hyper Light Breaker File:HLB emblem.png, an upcoming rogue-lite video game developed by Heart Machine Heart Machine small logo.png, the creators of legendary Hyper Light Drifter Drifter emoji.png and Solar Ash SA emblem 2.png, whose universe Hyper Light Breaker is set in. Hyper Light Breaker takes place on the very same planet as Hyper Light Drifter, the World of Light, but on a new land known as the Overgrowth, featuring online co-op as well as singleplayer. The player will explore massive ever-changing biomes, with or without a team of other Breakers, grow a settlement hub, survive the Crowns and attempt to defeat the almighty Abyss King.

Hyper Light Breaker is set to be released in early access in Spring 2023 on Windows PC through the Steam Store, published by Gearbox Publishing. Much information about the game can be read here.

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